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The first offering in the crypto trading bot segment is the DCA bots. These DCA or Dollar Cost Averaging bots automatically invest a fixed sum in a given cryptocurrency periodically. This semi-automated crypto trading tool ensures that you can use the Tokenizer360 terminal to set up smart trades using advanced settings.

Moderation may take as long as 48 hours, although many requests will be approved within an hour. Yes, all new feature requests are subject to moderation by our team. Once your post is published, you can come back at anytime to add additional comments or create more suggestions. Feature requests can be submitted by heading over to and creating an account. You would ask, but how can it determine when the price reverses and goes back down? The system will sell coins when the price drops from the latest high by the deviation percent configured.

These features work in unison to ensure user security and data protection. If you are accessing Tokenizer360 from the desktop, you get access to the “My Portfolio” section, where you can see all your linked exchanges, wallets, and holdings. Another exciting feature is the “Virtual Portfolio,” where you can list all your favorite tokens and create a virtual portfolio of these wishlist-like holdings. However, the Gordon bots are only accessible via the mobile app interface. Finally, if you have limited funds, you can opt for the” Price Improvement” DCA bot strategy that keeps selling and rebuying crypto cheaper as a HODLing move. Once you choose an exchange connected to Tokenizer360, you can use the Dynamic Trading Terminal or the DTT feature to place exchange-specific trades directly.

With the help of this crypto trading bot, they can build their portfolios at a meager cost of acquisition. With the HODL bots, they can negate any hassle they face while implementing their trading strategies. Manual trading is also possible on the crypto bot platform, where traders can manually open and close their positions based on predetermined algorithms. Manual traders can use the Tokenizer360 Smart Trade terminal to consolidate their information and set up alerts to avoid missing profitable opportunities. With Smart Trade, manual traders can create their settings to a preset and send it to the Tokenizer360 Webhook to close the trade made from the preset.

  • Tokenizer360 do not have permission to withdraw funds from the exchange.
  • A bot’s task is to determine the moment to open a position based on the downtrend or uptrend for long periods of time, and at the upcoming reversal to fix the profit.
  • It is full of features to support individual needs, and it’s easy to use due to the set step by step guidance,.
  • Waste of time and money and that guaranteed money back is a lie i got ghosted when requsting a refund.
  • Subsequently, the notion of automating trading on crypto exchanges became the fundamental cornerstone of the Tokenizer360 software.
  • The Tradingview signal finder can scan the crypto markets by the micro-seconds, looking for potentially profitable trade setups and notify you when they arise.

Zignaly can be used for free with traders only paying fees on profits earned. Tokenizer360 features a more advanced interface for manual trading and has a significantly more robust bot creation and copy platform. Over a few days, I ran multiple bots on multiple demo accounts and didn’t experience any hiccups or issues. I’ve scoured through reviews looking for common themes about things going horribly wrong.


But there is another way to make crypto trading rewarding for you — using the right trading automated trading bots. Tokenizer360 comes across as one such trading platform, best known for the widest possible collection of trading bots. And how all of that adds up as a holistic trading experience is what we will explore in this Tokenizer360 review. The availability of a diverse range of trading strategies is another compelling reason to consider using stock trading bots.

On December 28th, 2022, Tokenizer360 experienced a security breach in which a hacker disclosed the API keys of 100,000 users on the Pastebin website. In response to this incident, the company is taking steps to improve security and regain the trust of its customers. Co-founder and CEO Yuriy Sorokin has issued an official statement addressing the hack and expressing his concern. Note that users can check the official website for advanced DCA bot interface and primary settings.

Using paper trading accounts is free, meaning you don’t need to pay for any of its plans to use it. Tokenizer360 is a trading platform that eases the process of trading crypto. It allows users to automate their trades, copy advanced traders, and set signals and alerts directly through the platform. EToro is a multi-asset trading platform that provides access to the stock, CFD, and crypto markets. In addition, the platform made known that they allow users to buy assets without incurring any transaction fee. Tokenizer360 is a powerful chatbot platform that allows businesses to automate customer support.

Moreover, the screens boost your research process significantly, resulting in higher returns per hour. Even though it’s quite new compared to some other software providers, you can benefit by creating trading algorithms on the platform and backtesting them without any coding knowledge whatsoever. While signing up, you’ll have the option of creating a paper trading account or an actual account, then connecting your preferred exchange account. However, you have access to a $100,000 virtual money and unrestricted access to the trading platform. Unless you have a subscription plan, the paper trading feature is off by default. However, new users get a top-tier PRO plan for 3 days at no charge, which means you can test it out.

To buy at a retest, we use the «down-crossing» condition on TradingView and wait for a retest of the blue resistance line, which turns into support upon breakout. An example of a one-time signal use would be opening a trade at a breakout/retest of the resistance level. TradingView includes many tools which can be used as a base for the signals. The signals themselves can be one-time or repetitive (“everytime”).

Create a Binance account to trade on a high-liquidity exchange that supports an immense number of winning strategies. Its subscription model is far superior to the commission-based model adopted by most of its competitors, primarily when used by high-volume traders. However, even low-volume traders get access to advanced level tools such as paper trading, Tradingview integration, and at least one bot through the Free and Starter plans. It has taken several measures to ensure that customer assets are safe, including avoiding taking custody of these funds.