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HOWEVER, it never seems to confirm, so you have to do it again. "KissDontTell69: hey! are you new here? " They will NOT give me back my money (EVEN THOUGH THIS WAS ALL WITHIN 20 MINUTES). " They said no refunds! I was only on the site 20 minutes beginning to end. They’re catchy like that. When I attempted to call customer service they desired to sell me a bracelet, NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. They use your true location to make it feel just like you are conversing with a real person. When I got an auto response how to call was: 800-555-1212 seem familiar?

BOGUS SITE! But they simply want you to get excited and then buy a membership so that you can get back back. They’re scammers, as with other websitesthey’ll supply you with an option to attempt it for a couple of days by paying a small fee. This ‘s when you may discover it’s not so fun to talk with a fake girl. But once I paid the fee for merely a trial period, they moved forward and used my debit card info to withdraw over $200.00 from my account. However, by then it’s too late. When I spoke with their customer service on the telephone, the representative who had been a very cold and rude lady wouldn’t even research refunding my money.

Another means that scam dating sites try to make money off of you is by taking your advice, including your photos and individual descriptions, and utilizing them for advertisements or bogus profiles. When I asked to speak with her boss, she said she had been the supervisor and pretty much refused to listen to some pleas I left. When I first setup an account with they stated: "Let’s start from the ground floor up. These folks are scammers. By following these simple steps you are certain to get the attention you deserve. " They were trying to convince me to complete my profile all of the way. This really is the worst site ever, matches are not even in precisely the identical condition, won’t even allow me to unsubscribe.

It appears simple. This site is a scam. If you complete a profile then you are more inclined to discover a match. I’m a journalist writing a story about However, what if all of the profiles are for entertainment ? Why would they want you to complete your profile so poorly, when most of the additional profiles are just for pleasure?

It’s because they would like to take all of that info and use it themselves, or sell it to somebody else. There is much more to the story than people realize, although I’m not at liberty to state at this moment. If this isn’t a red flag, I don’t know what’s: "Specifically you agree and acknowledge that your profile and related information and content may be utilized and displayed on other sites that are owned by associated companies or licensed services providers. " I can state it entails the US Federal Dept of Justice and the FBI. All of the very best dating sites have a public presence on social media. I’m writing a post about this organization and on some of the scams they have perpetrated. They would like to place human face on what needs to be an individual service: love and relationship. I’d therefore like to speak with you for an interview about your experiences.

In fact, it’s difficult to discover any information about them, like a user a phone number. Please contact me at: so I can receive your input. Remember what your mother always said, don’t get to a stranger’s automobile.

I don’t have to use your title if you’re uncomfortable with that. Some individuals like trashy romance books. Thank you and appreciate your help. Sometimes most of us need a little bit of gushy, over-the-top love, even if it’s a bit fake. A SCAM. However , this review must make it clear that this over a guilty pleasure website.

Please see over. It’s a guilty pleasure website that is trying to swindle you. I read a review of it under good dating site, said limited services on free, so I combined. is a popular dating site for hookups and fulfilling someone hot, priding itself with the label line of the most significant swinger community in the world.

An individual can practically do nothing on free, can’t respond to emails ( feel sorry for the guys who contact mepersonally, but I set a mention on my own profile of Mingle 2 on the market and hope it stays on there.) According to other reviews one says that they take money out of you without you giving your account number, I believe they might not have a paid account but Speed Dating tricks you by saying you can confirm your account by simply spending.99 and then charging you over $100 for one year.

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