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The vacuum cleaner market is full of useful reference a variety of forms, manufacturers and technology but when it comes to looking at vacuum cleaner types there are 3 major categories: vertical, corded and cylinder. This guide concentrates on upright vacuum cleaners.

Upright vacuum cleaners are generally larger than cordless or cylinder models. This generally also means they’ve larger dirt capabilities than other forms (that the Vax Air3 models have a power of 3 litres) For carpet cleaning, upright vacuums may outperform canister kinds due to the rotating brush bar. Cylinder models rely on a more traditional floor attachment Many models have detachable "heads" which enable you to get into those awkward to reach areas like behind furniture or under beds.

While upright vacuums offer a number of advantages, there are also some drawbacks:

Size. Most vertical cleaners are bulky machines and call for much more room for storage compared to a cylinder or small cordless vacuum Weight. Along with their dimensions, vertical models will also be generally thicker than canister models.

So our advice: pick a vertical vacuum when you have a moderate to large size house with lots of carpeted rooms. For smaller homes, a cordless or coil version will be adequate.

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Luckily, vacuum cleaner attributes are relatively simple and the comparison guide above will allow you to compare the top models. The key features to Search for are:

Is the version intended for pet hairthinning? Many manufacturers offer "Pet" models in their own ranges. The distinction between these and standard models is that the inclusion of a pet hand tool attachment (Dyson call this a "Turbine Tool" along with Vax a "Turbo Tool"). What is the dirt potential? For larger houses or more frequently cleaning, then that can be an important attribute. Larger bin skills will mean less frequent draining. How much does this weigh? Upright vacuum cleaners normally weigh between 4 and 4 8kg, so avo > Quick guide to vacuum cleaner energy ratings.

As of 1st September 2014, all corded vertical and cylinder vacuum cleaners have been required to have an Eco tag (similar to other household electrical appliances) that reveal their cleanup and energy efficiency along with several other ratings. All cordless vacuum cleaner cleaners have been allocated an "A" (best) into "G" (worse) rating for each evaluation.

The ratings assessed include:

Carpet pick-up — how good is your cleaner in removing dirt out of carpet Hard floor pick-up — how effective is your model in picking up dirt from hard floor surfaces Energy — exactly the quantity of energy utilized in annually Emissions — how much dust is released back into the atmosphere from the vacuum cleaner Noise — how loud is the version in use Power usage — according to Kwh per annum.

We have not included the newest energy ratings from our comparison table since most of the models we considered had an A or B rating for carpet and energy efficiency.

Dyson and Vax are just two popular brands when it comes to vertical vacuum cleaners. They both do exactly the identical task but also the Dyson models will cost you 200, whereas a Vax system could be yours for under 100.

The principal advantage of the machines was that they never lost suction such as conventional vacuums did as their dust bags became so full. Since that time however many producers have launched similar vacuums into this Dyson, while the Dyson scope was continuously updated and improved.

When it comes to layout, the Dyson machines still seem very good but when considering specifications and features however there is not much to compare with the Dyson and Vax machines.

Not only is that the Vax Air Reach (version Reach U90-MA-Re) the most popular Vax vertical vacuumcleaner, but it also ‘s also among the bestsellers on, and it is not hard to see why. Even though the Air Reach has an RRP of 280, it may frequently be found for less. The Reach is a part of Vax’s Air selection and provides multi-cyclonic technologies to provide exceptional cleaning performance.

The Reach may be utilized on both carpets and hard flooring and achieves an "A" pickup rating for both these floor surfaces. The Vax Air Reach can be about 1kg lighter than similar Dyson models while still having a similar 1.5 litre dust bin capacity.

This specific Reach version also includes an additional 2.3m hose, which makes stair pruning incredibly simple. The Vax Air Reach can also be provided with a "Turbo Tool" hand accessory that is intended to make choosing up hairs easier. If you are able to purchase this upright vacuum cleaner on offer it produces a terrific buy.

The most popular Dyson upright vacuum cleaner has an RRP of 350, so a lot pricier than the Vax Air Reach. Even though the Vax and Dyson are alike in many respects the Dyson has several exceptional characteristics that go some way to justifying the difference in price. The first is that the swivel ball technology which allows you to move the Dyson DC40 readily around the room whilst also making it easy to get into tight spaces and under tables or beds.

The DC40 also has a self-adjusting head that adjusts the elevation depending on the surface, and that means it is possible to vacuum between carpet and hard floor surfaces without quitting. Another useful feature with this Dyson upright vacuum is the hand tool and hose which pulls from the handle without needing to fix any attachment to the nozzle and it could reach up to 12 metres in the vacuum cleaner!

Is it worth the excess money though? Well, the purchase price could be partially justified by the functionality and unique characteristics but also the Vax Air Reach is such excellent value using an RRP almost 100 cheaper, and so that the Vax makes our vote.

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